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By the way I want to write my comment about Eurovision's winner "Nemo" who defines themselves as they/them. It's utterly ridiculous for an individual to define themselves as they/them (neutral pronouns). Neutral pronouns means a lack of individualism, and since you define yourself as a "they/them" individual then, that's how you should be treated. Just like an object which has no gender, and not like an individual. For me Nemo is nothing but an object since they define themselves as they/them.


Eurovision for more than a decade has turned into a freak show and it's not a song contest anymore. It wants to promote inclusivity and such shit, by promoting drag queens, non-binary individuals and all those freaks. It started becoming more visible since 2014 with the victory of Conchita Wurst and all this freak show carried on since then.

For me Nemo is nothing but a clown whether he (sorry, but he was born as a male) wants to be called he or she or they:

Imagine this turd going mad because someone might call him a "he" since this is his gender assigned at birth. If in case he commited a crime, he'd be sent to male prisons, because this is his gender assigned at birth. 


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