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Real Life Fight Club In Greece: The Rules




Real Life Fight Club in Attica, Greece. Wanna join? Apply in the comments below FOR FREE or e-mail me at (Scroll down to the end of the post for a donation box)

Bets allowed.  Everyone is free to join, no matter their gender, race, nationality or sexual orientation, either as a member of the club, or one of the audience. 

The Rules

Not "You Don't Talk About Fight Club"

Rules are as simple as that

Physical fights will range from simple arm wrestling competitions, to street fights with no rules. If you are up to a serious street fight, be sure you are physically and mentally healthy.

For arm wrestling matches, rules are known. For street fights the losing contestant should say the words "I Quit" in order to end the fight. The person who says "I Quit" loses. Alternatively, if a contestant starts bleeding in their face, the fight will end. Imagine something like "I Quit" and "First Blood" matches from WWE.

If in case the contestants are injured, medical expenses are not covered.

This is a map with ideal spots all over Attica, where the fights can take place:

If you have other recommendations you can send at
 Doctors are required for the real life fight club, and also mental health professionals!!! Both of them will take percentage of the bets for their work, even if they don't use their services.during the fight.

But if you're not the violent type, then apply here for being an author in the current public blog, or join in this private forum as a member. 


As a pool organizer myself I'll collect a 10% among the total amount of bets.

Doctors and Mental Health Professionals will take collectively a 10% also among the earnings

The Winner of the contest takes 20% from the pool also, and the rest is distributed among the audience who bet on the winner, depending on how much they bet.

For example the total amount of the betting pool is $10000

As a pool organizer, I'll collect $1000

 If there are 2 Doctors & Mental Health Professionals at the moment, they'll take $500 each one even if they don't provide their services.

 Winner takes $2000.

 $6000 remain. The rest are distributed to the audience who bet on the winner, depending on the amount each person bet! The person who bet $200 on the winner will take a bigger share than the person who bet $100 obviously.


Those rules are not fixed though. The contestants can bet on themselves as well, if there's no audience betting on them. In this case if there's no audience contestants should bet an equal amount. Let's say $1000 each. So the betting pool is $2000. Organizer's cut $200, medical staff's cut being $200 also, we have $1600, in other words....

Winner takes it all, loser takes the fall.

You can also donate here for funds to set up a real life fight club and help us collect money for equipment or rent a proper studio to set up fights.


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