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Telegram Group

 In this group everyone's invited to discuss ways how to make money, no matter how edgy or out of the box they are. Share your thoughts:

Firefund Secure Your Brand

  Firefund is a well known activism related BLOG and it operates under the domain name But since it's a blog, the most suitable Top Level Domain would definitely be .blog But since I am the owner of the domain name, I placed it for sale on , where you can find it and purchase it. Even if you are a firefund author, I also invite you in the current public censorship free blog you are viewing right now. You can apply for being an author here . I am also inviting you in the private forum The New Innernet , which is also censorship free.

Scorpios Music Bar

Θες να αγοράσεις τον Σκορπιό σε Domain Name; Σκορπιός πωλείται για σένα στο !  Παμ!  Υπόλοιπα Domain Name προς πώληση.

Domain For Sale

 This domain is for sale. For more info contact me at: Also you can register here if you want to learn more about buying and selling domains And this is the link where you can find all the domains I have for sale

Wrong Way!

 What you are looking for you will find it here   Or send an email at any of the following addresses:  Or if you don't want something from here, check out some domains for sale .  Also, please apply  here  to become an author for the censorship free blog you are reading now...or apply here to be a real life fight club fighter!

Recruit Members For The New Innernet

I want you to be motivated to convince people to join . And what's better than making money yourselves? For each new member you recruit yourself, you will get a 50% commission. For example if a new member pays $10 to join after your own recommendation, you will get $5.  In The New Innernet, you will find  100% freedom of speech.  What i want you, to tell to the new recruits for what The New Innernet is about. If you want to attempt to recruit a new member you have to inform me first at and I'll provide you some screenshots of the site, and the structure of the text that you will send to the new recruit to convince them to join. You don't have to send the same text exactly, for example if you are a French speaking individual, and you want to recruit another individual who speaks French you can translate the text in French and send it to them. Then the new recruit if they want to join, tell them to come in contact with me a

Looking For Only***s Creators For Collaboration

 I want to recruit either new Only***s creators, or Only***s creators with a small audience and help them grow. My conditions are the following: - I'll do the promotion on your behalf. I'll post stickers of your OF profile with the QR Code on it, in the streets of my area with my own money. I live in Athens Greece, a European capital with many tourists all over the year so your chances to be noticed are very high.  -I'll give you tips how to "sell" yourself, how to make your audience come for more, and give you advice how much you should charge your monthly subscription.   - I'll take a percentage of your earnings on a monthly basis. OF takes a 20% percentage as you know already. From the remaining, I'll take also a 30% percentage. For example if your net earnings within a month were $200, then I'll take $60. I accept PayPal, Stripe, Binance, Revolut and also cash if you happen to be nearby. The payments will occur every month since the d

 Let's create a social media clone similar to Mastodon. We'll call it Mastedon instead. Wanna take the lead? Find domain at , make a purchase, and start your Mastodon antagonist! Alternately, you can apply for an author in the current blog here , or apply for registration in this private forum  here