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Looking For Only***s Creators For Collaboration

 I want to recruit either new Only***s creators, or Only***s creators with a small audience and help them grow. My conditions are the following:

- I'll do the promotion on your behalf. I'll post stickers of your OF profile with the QR Code on it, in the streets of my area with my own money. I live in Athens Greece, a European capital with many tourists all over the year so your chances to be noticed are very high. 

-I'll give you tips how to "sell" yourself, how to make your audience come for more, and give you advice how much you should charge your monthly subscription.
- I'll take a percentage of your earnings on a monthly basis. OF takes a 20% percentage as you know already. From the remaining, I'll take also a 30% percentage. For example if your net earnings within a month were $200, then I'll take $60. I accept PayPal, Stripe, Binance, Revolut and also cash if you happen to be nearby. The payments will occur every month since the day our partnership started. For example if we started on May 15, then the payment will occur on June 15. Then on July 15. And so on.

- The OF profile will be in your name and in your bank account, I won't have access on it directly, but I'll keep an eye on it on a daily basis to see how things go and point out your mistakes if there are any.

- If I see that things don't get anywhere and you have no potential to grow and the losses are bigger than the earnings, then I'll terminate our partnership. I won't drop you by the first month of our partnership, but by the second month if I see there's no growth in your account, then I'll terminate our partnership and I won't invest in you anymore. For example if I invested $200 for your promotion within the two months of our partnership, and your earnings were just $10 so far then you'll be dropped. If they are $160-$180 then maybe I'll consider continuing our partnership for one more month to see how things will go. If the results are losses>earnings then we will call it a day.

- I would consider also terminating our partnership, if I see there's no need to have someone managing you anymore and you can stand on your own.

If you agree with my conditions, then email at to discuss further details. If you refuse it's OK, I won't try to push you.

Otherwise, if you are a man, then we can cooperate together in the recruiting process.

Alternative e-mails:


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