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LGBTQ Pride 2024? No

So June is here, and once again another Pride month arrives. But if you typed and you landed here hoping you will land to a website related to the LGBTQ pride of this year, to your dissatisfaction...this is NOT about this year's pride, but a post being against it Scroll down if you are too bored to read this post by the way   June is worldwide known as the Pride month. Unfortunately for the many, fortunately for the few. Actually, LGBTQ community despite looking like being everywhere, it's only just a very small percentage among the general population. The worst in this case is, that many companies every June, try to adopt LGBTQ friendly policies despite the core demographic being straight individuals. They adopt a rainbow version logo, or release limited edition LGBTQ friendly products, or even go as far as hiring LGBTQ influencers to advertise their brand even outside of the pride month     All of this sooner or later will come with a backlash from the gene

Dead Pool Bets 1 VS 1 (Music Edition)

 This is a list with all the Dead Pool bets they are taking place at this moment with people involved in the music world. All artists are 80 years old or above by the moment I am writing this post. The battles are measured by two criterias. One is their age, and the other is their relevance. For example Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney are related both in terms of age, and both are related as former members of Beatles.  Another example is Frankie Vallie and Pat Boone . Although they're not related as they were never in the same band, but they have the same age. List will be updated continuously, either when one of each pair passed away, or when individuals involved in the music world in one way or another turn 80. This is not the official betting page, but more like a draft page. Still, you can leave your comments below if you want to place a bet. As the organizer I will take a 10% of the betting pool. The profits will be shared depending on how much did you bet if in case you wo