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 In this group everyone's invited to discuss ways how to make money, no matter how edgy or out of the box they are. Share your thoughts:

Recruit Members For The New Innernet

I want you to be motivated to convince people to join And what's better than making money yourselves? For each new member you recruit yourself, you will get a 50% commission. For example if a new member pays $10 to join after your own recommendation, you will get $5.

 In The New Innernet, you will find  100% freedom of speech.

 What i want you, to tell to the new recruits for what The New Innernet is about. If you want to attempt to recruit a new member you have to inform me first at and I'll provide you some screenshots of the site, and the structure of the text that you will send to the new recruit to convince them to join. You don't have to send the same text exactly, for example if you are a French speaking individual, and you want to recruit another individual who speaks French you can translate the text in French and send it to them.

Then the new recruit if they want to join, tell them to come in contact with me at I will provide them with the required screenshots as I did with you, and if they accept joining by paying the required amount , then I'll give you 50% commision of the member's payment amount to the PayPal/Stripe, etc address you used when you joined.

But in order to get paid, you have to provide me with a screenshot that you came in contact with the new recruit, in order to prove that they found the website thanks to you. If you fail to do so, unfortunately you won't get the commission.

It's NOT a pyramid scheme per se. The model I present above might sound like a pyramid but it's not. You're not obligated to recruit new members, but it would be a nice side hustle for you if you did it.


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