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Dead Pool Guessing Games


Apart from the Real Life Fight Club I want also to organize Dead Pool guessing games. For those who don't know, Dead Pool is about making a guess about someone's death date, often with money involved.

For example, Jimmy Carter (the 39th US President) will turn 100 on 10/01/24. Our guess would be whether Jimmy Carter will make it alive on  10/01/24, or he will die.

As the organizer, I'll take 10% from the bet pool. The rest of the betting pool will be distributed to the audience members who won. If Jimmy Carter makes it alive, then those who bet for it will take profits depending on how much they bet. Those who bet wrong, lose their money and take nothing.

Jimmy Carter was an example, but Jimmy Carter's case is the most ideal especially for this year. He will turn 100 if he is still alive by 10/01/24. He was visibly in a very bad shape during his late wife's funeral in November, 2023 and the fact that he's already in an advanced age, it's really a heads or tails whether he will live up to 100. If he does, he will be the first US President who will reach centenarian status.

The rules for the Dead Pool are very simple. We bet whether a single person will live or die till xx/xx/xxxx (enter date here), or betting between two people or more, who will die first. The focus will be on people who are of advanced age, or people with terminal illness. It would be pointless to bet on young and healthy individuals till they die.

Another example is Ringo Starr vs Paul McCartney. Who will go first?

In that case the bets are on Ringo or Paul, and the date remains unknown. What it matters is who will go first. If for example Ringo dies first and you bet on Paul, you will lose and take nothing. If you bet on Ringo you will take your share from the betting pool. 


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