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LGBTQ Pride 2024? No

So June is here, and once again another Pride month arrives. But if you typed and you landed here hoping you will land to a website related to the LGBTQ pride of this year, to your dissatisfaction...this is NOT about this year's pride, but a post being against it Scroll down if you are too bored to read this post by the way


June is worldwide known as the Pride month. Unfortunately for the many, fortunately for the few. Actually, LGBTQ community despite looking like being everywhere, it's only just a very small percentage among the general population.

The worst in this case is, that many companies every June, try to adopt LGBTQ friendly policies despite the core demographic being straight individuals. They adopt a rainbow version logo, or release limited edition LGBTQ friendly products, or even go as far as hiring LGBTQ influencers to advertise their brand even outside of the pride month


 All of this sooner or later will come with a backlash from the general public, as it happened with Bud Light when the core demographic was White male individuals according to statistics ,as a website supporting inclusivity admitted, and they basically turned their backs to their former audience by hiring a transgender to advertise their beer. Moreover, they also released an exclusive limited edition beer with the rainbow flag:

But Bud Light is not the only case which shifted towards a more "inclusive" market. Many brands from the food & beverage category shifted towards a more inclusive direction.

Bud Light Parent Company Anheuser Busch also is an openly LGBTQ Supporter:

Let's get to the rest of the alcohol companies and their support towards LGBTQ community

Other examples are:

 Heineken International:

 Amstel (with I Am What I Am 2021 commercial in Brazil)
 Heineken (Cheers To All 2020 commercial)

Carlsberg International:

Carlsberg Gay 2015 Ad


Pernord Ricard:



Johnnie Walker: Keep Walking Proudly LGBTQ Campaign


And now let's move to the rest of food & drinks companies, the non-alcoholic ones. Unlike the former a part of their demographic is underaged kids, especially in certain companies which their main target is underaged kids.

Coca Cola Company: 

Coca Cola Hungarian Campaign 2019, or the notorious This Coke is a Fanta" a year before. Video
Sprite "Spride Can" in Mexico


Pepsi Cola: (pro-LGBTQ campaign in Latin America),

Mondelez International:


Kellogg's (Together With Pride Cereals Limited Edition), Pringles (Pride Commercial)


(Rainbow Logo Version, Nescafè Azera Limited Edition, KitKat Pride Chocolate Bar Limited Edition)

Mars Inc:

(Most notably the M^M\s brand known for its different characters, featuring a lesbian couple, or a plus sized character which is also part of the Woke agenda)

Twix also released a The New Nanny Ad in 2021 with a boy wearing a dress.

And of course, let's not forget the legendary Uncle Ben's changing its name to Ben's Original because the term "Uncle" is offensive. This is not related with LGBTQ, but it's part of the Woke agenda and the  political correctness.

Kraft Heinz: 

Heinz Flavors Milano Pride , Kraft Mayonnaise Gayo , Rainbow Logo


Rainbow Logo, Algida Rainbow Version Ice Cream Stick, and interestingly Indonesian people attempted to boycott Unilever after this move. More about Unilever and their support to LGBTQ community herein the Unilever section, about its non-food brands.

General Mills: 

General Mills Open Support 


Danone Rainbow Logo

Ferrero Group:

Nutella Pride Limited Edition (despite Ferrero's main demographic being underaged kids)

On the other side, we have Barilla the multinational Pasta company. A company that strongly opposed LGBTQ in the past, and they made a statement back in 2013 that they'll never use a gay family in their commercials. But unfortunately, they ended up being part of the Woke movement since 2019. That clearly means they were under pressure, and they were forced to support them otherwise their reputation will be harmed. That means, if you don't support the Woke movement, the inclusivity and all these shit, you'll get a huge backlash by a small portion of the population, yet for some reason they make themselves to appear as if they are millions. Possibly something similar happened with the other companies as well, as you can realise from the ads two decades ago. This sudden change was forced.

And now, let's check out the non-food companies

Colgate - Palmolive: 

(Limited Edition Toothpaste and Mouthwash, Colgate Gay 2016 Mexican Ad)

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson Open Support

Johnson & Johnson Products Rainbow Edition


Henkel Open Support

And most notably Procter & Gamble. The company as a whole is a heavy supporter of  LGBTQ movement, to the point they started supporting them since 1992, which was a totally different era, and the "inclusivity" we see nowadays didn't exist. By 1992 P&G protected LGBTQ rights.

 P&G was the first major company that openly  supported LGBTQ. In 1994 a group of LGBTQ employees in Cincinnati Ohio formed GABLE which stands for Gay, Ally, Bisexual, Lesbian and Transgender Employees (So it should be called GABLTE)

Of course, P&G continues supporting LGBTQ community and here are a few recent examples:

Pantene & Gilette are well known P&G brands and the biggest supporters of the LGBTQ community within P&G.

We also have the case of Beiersdorf‘s Nivea, which turned its back on LGBTQ+ in 2019, with "We don't do gay at Nivea"

Unfortunately, those are just examples there are too many out there, including fast food chains, Tech Giants and so on. Now let's go back in time to see some ads or products from the SAME companies and brands, from a more macho era

Anheuscher Busch:


Heineken International:

Heineken 1998 Ad

Amstel Dutch Ad from the early 00s (or even worse this "transphobic" ad)

Carlsberg International:

Carlsberg 1997 Ad

1664 Beer French Lesbian 1998 Ad (although it featured Lesbians it wasn't promoting "acceptance" and "inclusivity" but more like that the guy didn't get lucky by picking up a lesbian at the bar)

Tuborg 1999 Israeli Ad

 Pernord Ricard:

Absolut 1997 Ad (When it was about the product itself, 


Johnnie Walker 1997 Ad (Wow, this would be too..."manly" for today)

Smirnoff 1997 Australian Ad (Kidnapping!)

J&B as Sponsor in 1997 Horse Racing 

Coca Cola Company:

Coca Cola German Ad 2000

Sprite 1999 Ad With Sting (the Professional Wrestler) (this ad would be considered as "child abuse" in our days)


Pepsi Cola 1998 Pop Culture (oversexualization of women, they'd say today) 

Mondelez International:

Trident 1997 Ad , Lacta 2000 Ad, Oreo Nigger Commercial 2001 Ad (A time where it was OK to use the "N" Word even in public ads), Cadbury High Lights 2001


Kellogg's Rice Crispies 1999 Ad

Pringles 2000 Ad (once a P&G Product. Yes the most woke company among all as you'll see below, went once to such oversecualizing ads)


Nescafe Frappe Greek 1998 Ad

KitKat 1997 Hockey Ad (All male team, yeah! No trans)  

Mars Inc.:

M&M's 1997 Tia Carrere Ad (When there were 2 straight M&M's Characters)

Twix 1997 Ad ("Two for me,  none for you". I bet in our days they would promote "sharing")

Kraft Heinz:

Heinz Tomato Ketchup 2001 Ad


Algida Winner Taco 1998 Italian Ad

Ferrero Group:

Nutella Polish 2000 Ad (Straight Family is less common in today's ads)

Colgate - Palmolive:

Colgate 1999 Ad

Johnson & Johnson:

Listerine 1997 Ad (neutral, but the man's image looks very masculine)


Procter & Gamble:

Pantene 2001 Ad (When Hair had a gender)

Gilette 1999 Ad (And when Gillette was a masculine brand))

Enough is enough. Stop this Pride shit, and as for companies and brands stop releasing "limited edition" Pride products or altering your logos or releasing ads to accommodate the LGBTQ crowd because sooner or later you'll receive a huge backlash. People will start boycotting your products

And as for the LGBTQ community, remember you are just ridiculing yourselves. You want to be treated equally, but this has the opposite effect. You present yourselves as something different by celebrating it with Pride festivals. With the same logic, why there's no straight pride?

SAY NO TO LGBTQ PRIDE! FOR EVERYONE'S GOOD, INCLUDING THEIR OWN! Join also here if you want to discuss more about the LGBTQ community in private, and away of the public eye. Or if you want to share something in public then leave a comment on this post below.


And last but not least, donate here to support our cause, by creating a business where it will openly NOT support LGBTQ Pride this year (if we raise enough funds) or the years that are about to come


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