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Dead Pool Bets 1 VS 1 (Music Edition)

 This is a list with all the Dead Pool bets they are taking place at this moment with people involved in the music world. All artists are 80 years old or above by the moment I am writing this post. The battles are measured by two criterias. One is their age, and the other is their relevance. For example Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney are related both in terms of age, and both are related as former members of Beatles.  Another example is Frankie Vallie and Pat Boone . Although they're not related as they were never in the same band, but they have the same age. List will be updated continuously, either when one of each pair passed away, or when individuals involved in the music world in one way or another turn 80. This is not the official betting page, but more like a draft page. Still, you can leave your comments below if you want to place a bet. As the organizer I will take a 10% of the betting pool. The profits will be shared depending on how much did you bet if in case you wo

LR Scam or Not?

Lately in the Greek side of TikTok, and Instagram as well by posting their TikTok videos as Instagram reels, a wave of wannabe online businesswomen appeared claiming that you can make $1000-$2000/month with only a few hours of work per day. There are also a few men, but the vast majority is women.

Those women are members of MLM companies mostly focusing on healtchare and beauty products, and they are out there to recruit new members or sell their products. Particularly, the majority of them are coming from LR Health & Beauty. Some of them might be coming from other MLM companies, and I'm still doing my research about it. Other popular MLMs are Avon, Amyway and of course Herbalife but their presence is limited. Herbalife particularly has limited its presence within the recent years, and that's a good thing. Apart from the MLMs, there are a few independent "businesswomen", either claiming to be digital nomads or online marketers, yet carrying the same level of obnoxiousness with the rest of MLM women.

See this list here for more details.


Anyway let's talk about LR now. What is LR Health & Beauty if you are not aware? Click here



 "MLM company" is enough to realize we're talking about a scam case. If not a scam exactly, then the chances to succeed are really really slim. In MLM cases the only people who benefit from it are the top dogs. As you can realize many of these women are basically desperate to recruit new members in order to get even or they are desperate to score a successful sale to get a commission. 


If you attempt to join a MLM think again about it. In order to join a MLM company you have to invest. It's not for free. In addition you have to renew your membership periodically. And guess who benefits from it? The top dogs. Chances are your losses to be bigger than your earnings....unless you threaten people to join or buy your products.

Also their tactics to make sales or recruit new members are extremely annoying, as annoying as the random vacuum cleaner salesman. They spam on TikTok with videos such as "Do you want to start an online business and make $2000/month with just 3 hours of work per day? Then contact me.". 


In addition most of their videos for promoting their MLM are extremely ridiculous and I'm surprised there are people out there who will take them seriously. Like this:

Or this:

Or maybe this?


Seriously? With such videos who's gonna be convinced to get involved in your MLM?

  Unfortunately there are many on an international level as you can guess due to LR's international presence, but here are the profiles promoting LR (or any MLM in general). If you come across those profiles, AVOID them. They will try to recruit you or sell you a product. Keep in mind those products are not available in any physical store, such as Hondos Center or Attica Department Stores

PS: "Monovamos" is something like an inside joke among the LR Greek branch crew, stylized as #μονοvamos🔥 as it's used in their hashtags.

PS: If you want something legimate, then click here to join our private forum, Or apply for being an author in the present public blog here. Save online freedom of speech!!

Or maybe start a career as a fighter in a real life fight club
Or use LR as you wish by buying a domain name related to them?


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